Oxfam Looks To The Year Ahead

Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped

Buy a Charity Gift for a loved one from Oxfam Unwrapped from a selection of gift ideas that’ll make someone’s day in more ways than one! Charity Gifts from just $10 – make a difference to someone in need.

What You Get

  • The recipient gets a personalised card, explaining how their special gift is fighting poverty – one duck, chicken or goat at a time!
  • When you order online, you can have your own message printed on the card which will be sent directly to the recipient
  • Your gift can help save people around the world from poverty.

About Oxfam Unwrapped

With their latest range of “funusual” gifts, you’ll be safe knowing that your gift will be put to good use – I mean how many pairs of socks does one man need? When you buy something from the catalogue, your donation goes straight to help support the Oxfam programs.