Plan Sponsor a Child

Plan Sponsor a Child

Plan is a child centred charity that ensures children are at the heart of everything they do. Plan’s child sponsorship programme funds community projects that focus on health, education, livelihood, habitat and building relationships. These are key areas that allow children to grow up in a happy and safe environment.


What You Get

  • When you sponsor a child, you will be able to view your child’s details instantly.
  • You will receive a great welcome kit.
  • Regular updates with photos and information about your child.
  • Bi-annual magazine, eNewsletters, and the opportunity to send letters to your child.

Sponsor a Child and help Plan to to fund their great programmes :

  • Choose from 43 developing countries in Africa, Asia, and The Americas.
  • You can choose to make your regular sponsorship contributions by automatic deductions from your credit card or bank account, or via invoice where you can pay by cheque, money order, or credit card.
  • Sponsor a child with Plan for just over $1.50 a day or $43 a month.
  • Make a lasting difference to your sponsored child and their whole community.

When you help a child with Plan the money also goes to projects that benefit the whole community – sponsored children act as representatives of their community. At least 80% of funds raised internationally go to help poor communities in need.

Plan is non-religious and non-political charity and believes that “poverty does not discriminate so nor do we”. They accept all children and communities into its child sponsorship program, regardless of their sex, race, political persuasion or religion.