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Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Adopt an animal with Taronga Zoo from as little as $48 and help protect your selected species and their habitat. Choose from 16 animals including Aussie favourites such as the Koala and Platypus.

For either a lump sum or small monthly fee, you can adopt an animal for yourself, a family member or a friend. Your donation will help protect the future of your chosen animal as well as their habitat.

Adoptions packs start from $48 and can include:

  • A personalised adoption certificate, monthly emails, subscription to quarterly Wild Life magazine and Zoo Parent bumper sticker.
  • A photo of your sponsored animal and your sponsorship mentioned in Taronga’s online gallery and the Zoo Parent Honour Roll in the Zoo grounds.
  • The opportunity to enjoy a behind the scenes wildlife experience.

About Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo can be found on the shores of Sydney harbour and is the city’s official Zoo. Taronga first opened its doors in 1916 and is managed by the Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales. The Taronga Conservation Society also manages a sister zoo called the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Taronga Zoo in Sydney is divided into eight distinct regions across its 21 hectares and serves as home to over 340 different species and 8000 animals.

In 1967 following a critical review of the Zoo’s activities it was decided that there should be more of an emphasis on preservation, conservation and education. As a result Taronga Zoo has built many new exhibits including:

  • A Platypus and Nocturnal House
  • A walk through Rainforest Aviary
  • A Veterinary Quarantine Centre
  • An Education Centre

Taronga Zoo’s Conservation Efforts

In 2000 the Taronga Conservation Society embarked on an ambitious 12 year plan that cost as much as $250 million, most of which was spent on Taronga Zoo. The plan was intended to dramatically expand the conservation capabilities of the zoo and the first major initiative was the Backyard to Bush precinct. Under the plan, Taronga Zoo took delivery of five Asian elephants for breeding, education and long term research and conservation purposes. This was just one of many undertakings by the zoo to help with conservation efforts both in Australia and around the world. In order to keep playing the conservation role that it does, Taronga Zoo needs your help.

About Taronga Zoo Adoptions

Adopting an animal from Taronga will help fund the zoo’s critically important work such as conducting research and providing education. The program is focused on helping to preserve some of the world’s most endangered species. This includes not only helping with conservation, but also assisting in breeding and preservation of both wild animals and their habitats.