UNICEF Australia



UNICEF is the Worlds best known children’s charity whose vision is to build a world where the basic rights of every child are realised. Their Inspired Gifts are life saving and changing charity gifts that actually get delivered to communities around the world where the need is greatest.

What You Get

  • The recipient gets a personalised card, ecard or pdf with a photograph and description of the gift you have chosen.
  • When you order online, you can have your own message printed on the card which will be sent directly to the recipient
  • Your gift can help save children around the world from poverty.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts are new to Australia, but have been running successfully in other countries throughout the world. When you buy a charity gift with UNICEF it will be despatched to one of the 155 countries where they work.

Take a look at the image below to see how and where they were delivered in 2010. The figures show the amounts of generosity so far with 1 million litres of therapeutic milk, 10 million education items and 100 million vaccine doses delivered! These truly are Inspired Gifts!

UNICEF world usage map

How Does the Charity Gift Work?

When you choose your Inspired Gifts the recipient will get a hard copy of the card within 7 working days or you can opt for an ecard to be sent. The gift itself is sent to the field in a coordinated way depending on the needs identified by local UNICEF teams. UNICEF has established long-term contracts with their suppliers so they too are ready to deliver when items are needed.

Inspired Gifts prices include the cost of the item as set by UNICEF’s Supply Division to procure the item, plus 25 per cent which covers set up, fulfilment and marketing costs (only 10 per cent for items over $500).

Is an Inspired Gift Eligible as a Tax-deductible Donation?

Yes, the cost of a UNICEF charity gift is treated as a tax-deductible donation.


UNICEF is an acronym for United Nations Children’s Fund, a childrens charity created in 1946. They champions children’s rights across the globe and have the ability to make a lasting difference within communities. UNICEF projects set out to provide the right elements to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up to become healthy adults. Those elements are simple and something we take for granted when it comes to provision for our countries own children :

  • support
  • health care
  • education