Wateraid Australia

WaterAid Australia

WaterAid Australia

Buy a refreshingly thoughtful Charity Gift from the WaterAid SH2OP for Life and you’ll not only be bringing a smile to a loved ones face, you will also be providing the gift of life to those most in need.

What You Get

  • The recipient gets a personalised ecard, explaining how your kind gift to them will help WaterAid transform lives.
  • Whichever lifesaving gift you choose, your gift from SH2OP for Life will help people gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education

About WaterAid

WaterAid work in some of the world’s poorest communities to ensure they have :

  1. access to safe, clean water
  2. access to sanitary toilets
  3. knowledge about basic hygiene.

These three essentials form the first steps out of poverty. When communities have them, every family has better health, education and income. They have hope for the future.