Wesley Gifts

Wesley Gifts

Wesley Gifts

Wesley Mission has a real mission – to assist real people with real needs. You can help. This year, instead of buying traditional gifts, why not buy charity gifts on behalf of those you love? At the new online Wesley Gift Shop you can choose from a selection of innovative and original gifts. Each one helps someone in the Wesley Mission community.

You You Get

  • a beautifully designed e card.
  • a personalised message from the sender.
  • an explanation into how their gift will help.

About Wesley Mission

The Wesley Mission can be traced back all the way back to the first Methodist church in Sydney, 1812. In 1977, the union of Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches and the Central Methodist Mission then became Wesley Mission. Their aim is to offer counselling, social and medical services to people who need it the most and to help those with mental illness. Through their tireless work within the community, the Wesley Mission aim to help turn people’s lives around for good.

Where Does the Money Go?

The money you donate to the Wesley Mission is used in the areas in which the goods or services are used. If your $50 gift was a pack of 10 nursery rhyme books, then the donation will go to help Wesley Mission’s children and families programs. The initiative helps to provide counselling to children with problems at home and at school. All donations are used in Wesley Mission’s projects so, no matter what you choose you’ll be helping to transform lives.