The (WSPA) has been promoting animal welfare for more than 25 years and the bulk of their charitable work is concentrated in regions of the world where few, if any, measures exist to protect animals. You can help them to continue their great work with a regular donation.

  • $25 a month can help the WSPA to stop cruel practices such as bear baiting
  • the WSPA currently operates in more than 140 countries – help them to put an end to all forms of animal suffering and cruelty.

About WSPA

Help stop stray dogs being slaughtered like vermin. In some countries, dog control officers randomly shoot animals in the crowded city streets. If not killed instantly, they’re thrown into a truck and left slowly to die. Around the world, there’s an estimated 400 million stray dogs which represents an animal welfare crisis on a huge scale.

War, famine, poor sanitation and poverty all combine to create a huge global crisis. WSPA (The World Society for the Protection of Animals) has a holistic approach to reducing the numbers of stray dogs by providing practical solutions to help prevent uncontrolled breeding. Their mobile clinics, supplied with necessary equipment and medical supplies, enables vets to visit rural communities where proper care for dogs would not otherwise be available. And over the long term WSPA is educating people about responsible pet ownership, sterilising and caring for their animals.

Help WSPA stop the gruesome sport of bear baiting

A terrified and traumatised bear is dragged into a ring by a rope that has been crudely forced through her highly sensitive muzzle with a needle. Filled with fear, she knows what is about to happen to her but, tied to a post in the ground, all she can do is struggle and cry out in pain.

Suddenly a pair of dogs are set upon her, attacking her face and snout. Desperate to stop the pain she opens her mouth to bite and swipes at the dogs with her paws, all in vain. Her teeth have been removed and claws blunted – so her attempts to defend herself are useless.