Charity Tin Thefts On The Rise In Perth

Juvenile Detention

Recently a thief was caught on closed circuit television entering a children’s play centre in Perth and stealing two charity tins. You have to ask yourself what kind of person steals money from people who desperately need it? but thieves obviously have no sense of morality to begin with which is why they steal in the first place. In this case the woman strolled into the children’s centre in Wanneroo Western Australia with a wig on her head. She then proceeded to swipe the two charity tins and hide them in her handbag.

Something must be wrong with the thief

In an interview with a local newspaper a spokesperson for the children’s centre said she believes that perhaps there may be something wrong with the woman. Ms Lynda Brooks from Chipmunks Playland and Café says there is something particular about the woman in question and the centre is worried about the woman’s life. Ms Brooks says she and her colleagues want to know why someone would steal charity money and speculate that either she is homeless or on drugs. Instead of outrage Ms Brooks and her colleagues feel compassion and want the thief to receive the help she probably needs. She adds that it’s the children who are donating their pocket money to the tins because the centre is trying to teach them that charity is a good value to have.

Charities lose out on donations

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident and charity tin thefts throughout Perth have been on the rise robbing charities of thousands of dollars’ worth of donations. For her part Ms Brooks says her organisation will not lose heart and intend to hold a charity event which will raise money to replace what was stolen. She asked the question posed at the beginning of this post, who would steal charity tins from a play centre? Staff members commented that the footage suggested it was like her daily routine.

Teaching the children not to give up

Ms Brooks says that people with cancer or who have had parents pass away from cancer help with the charity so she thinks its really important not to play the victim and teach the children not give up when something terrible like this happens. The play centre reported the incident to West Australia Police and provided them with the footage. They hope that the police will be able to develop some leads, unfortunately with these types of cases, that is going to be highly unlikely.

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