Control Arms Campaign Call for President Obama Support

Control Arms, the joint campaign between Oxfam Australia and Amnesty International Australia, is calling on President Obama to support their calls for an effective Arms Trade Treaty. With countries from around the world attending next months UN to discuss this issue, now is the perfect time for President Obama to announce his support.

The lack of arms control across the globe fuels conflict, poverty and the suffering of millions of people. As a result of the unregulated arms trade, the Control Arms campaign is calling for a global, legally binding agreement to halt the irresponsible transfers of weapons and ammunition.

The United States is currently the world’s biggest arms exporter and has twice voted against the Arms Trade Treaty. President Obama is a man who listens to public opinion and wants to change the approach on American foreign policy, with his support for a nuclear free world and the inter-American treaty on firearms trafficking.

The Control Arms Campaign began in October 2003 and has now gathered the support of over one million people worldwide, plus 153 governments who have voted in 2006 to start work on developing the global Arms Trade Treaty. You too can support the Treaty by adding your image to the Million Faces petition, the world’s largest photo petition, or simple sign the petition directly to President Obama urging him to support the cause.

With your support we can help President Obama make history again.

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