David Beckham in Manilla with UNICEF

UNICEF Australia were pleased to see one of their most famous ambassadors, David Beckham, take time off from a farewell tour with his football team LA Galaxy to visit a UNICEF-supported children’s shelter in Manila, Philippines. Beckham, a UNICEF ambassador since 2005, is touring with the Galaxy around the Phillipines before maybe moving back to Europe, possibly even the Premiership in January.

He took time to speak to the children at the shelter, and even took part in sewing sessions, art classes and was entertained by a rap and dance session. David even found the time to take part in a 20 minute football game with the children, many of whom were abandoned by their parents.

David, said –

It’s so important to have a dream. As a Dad with young children, I can’t imagine how life was for these children. UNICEF is doing incredible work for street children in Manila. A simple game like football build self esteem and offers a road back to community life. All these children have been failed by adults in the crucial early years of their lives. I would not be where I am today without the love and support of my parents – every child deserves that, every child deserves a second chance.

With up to 100 million children living and working on streets across the world, it is charities such as UNICEF who work tirelessly on the front line providing medicine, shelter and education for those that have been abandoned without hope. It’s thanks to your kind donations that this work can continue across the globe in some of the world’s poorest countries. Please help by purchasing a charity gift or making a donation. It’s quick, easy, and could help provide hope for a child where there is currently none.

David added –

UNICEF knows that simple gifts like footballs and story books can transform a child’s life.


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