Don’t Forget Father’s Day – Sunday 6th September 2009

We’ve all been there, scrabbling around on a Sunday morning looking for a suitable gift for the big man. It’s not enough that he helped create you, but the day you are supposed to say thanks, you forget! I’m such a kind and considerate son that one father’s day I was in such a rush that I bought my dad a delicious bottle of white wine….

he only drinks red!

So don’t get yourself tarred and feathered for life like I did with that ridiculous gift, and get your dad something special this father’s day. A charity gift is a great way to say thank you for all the great work being the scenes your father has put in throughout the year to help you become the person you are today, and there are loads to choose from.

Oxfam Unwrapped
Have over 40 gifts choices available from just $10, from a simple chicken to provide eggs, to a toilet!


Oxfam Fair Trade Shop
Loads of gift items to choose from, starting at under $3, such as toys, games, homewares and clothing. Plus a whole host of delicious Fair Trade wines, coffees and preserves.

Why not sponsor a child this Father’s Day? By sponsoring a child you will be giving not only a unique gift, but hope to someone less fortunate, a real helping hand to help themselves –

So many different gift ideas, all of them completely unique, and definitely not a pair of socks! All of these gifts will be helping some of the world’s poorest communities to help themselves, whilst also providing a thoughtful gift for your Dad this Father’s Day.

Ps If you plan on buying your Dad a bottle of Fair Trade wine, make sure you know what colour he drinks first!

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