Download Special Cookbook with Oxfam Australia

Oxfam Australia is offering you the chance to download their special recipe book as part of their ‘Stop Hunger’ appeal. All the recipes in the book involve the pineapple, which is the perfect super food to not only eat, but also grow in drought ridden countries such as Mozambique. Not to mention they are also very tasty! The cookbook features recipes from a number of high profile Australian chefs, including –

  • Neil Perry
  • Matt Kemp
  • Glenn Thompson
  • Brendon Barker
  • Ben Shewry
  • Peter Sheppard

Alongside these cooking luminaries were a wide selection of food journalists who offered up there favourite pineapple based recipes. Oxfam Australia has been fighting poverty for over 50 years, and what better fruit to promote than the pineapple, which is drought resistant, perfect for those hot countries where growing crops is so difficult

Oxfam Australia Executive Director, Andrew Hewett, said –

We have 16 Australian chefs and foodies, who have generously contributed to our cookbook and publicly highlighted their support for such an important appeal. We urge Australians to support Oxfam’s food appeal this year. With the increase of natural disasters happening around the world and food prices rising, the public’s financial support for our regular food appeal is even more vital than ever.

To download this amazing free recipe book, simply click on the link below to download. Inside you’ll find 16 interesting and innovative pineapple recipes that are sure to get the taste buds tingling. In fact, having just downloaded it myself, I might try out the pineapple salad this lunchtime!

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