Erica Packer Impressed with Education Improvement in Laos

UNICEF Australia Ambassador, Erica Packer, has just returned from a field trip to Laos in Asia, where she was completely overwhelmed by the improving standards of education now available to children. Mrs Packer, who has been an ambassador for UNICEF Australia for over 3 years now, visited a school that had received no assistance from the childrens charity,  and noticed the dramatic differences they were challenged with.

Erica said –

We went as far as the roads could take us and then we had to take a boat for three hours to reach this remote village. I was astounded by the isolation and inaccessibility of the location. The school we visited had one teacher for three grades and the lessons were taught under a thatched roof hut. It was sobering.

UNICEF now helps 1,600 underdeveloped schools, but still require many many more to help achieve a decent level of education for all the children of this poor country, not just for the lucky few. Thanks to your kind donations, UNICEF help provide education to children all over the world. With your help, the children who deserve the most attention will now receive it for sooner than they ever would have hoped.

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