Excellent Valentines Gifts at Oxfam Fair Trade Shop

Valentines Day can be a bit of tricky quandary for some people. Do I buy flowers and chocolates? Is that too boring? What’s wrong with a simple handshake? (maybe that’s just me!) This year, why not let the Oxfam Fair Trade Shop help you out with a wide range of great Valentines charity gift ideas to suit all budgets, starting at just $0.50!

There’s a whole host of goodies to choose from, plus with everything being fair trade, you will not only be providing a loved one with something special this year, but also helping out locals manufacturers to find a fair price for their products, including –

  • Candles
  • Soaps
  • Spa Sets
  • Jewellery Boxes
  • Cards
  • Chocolates

So why not take the stress out of your Valentines this year and pick an excellent charity gift from the Oxfam Australia, helping you to stay out of the doghouse!

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