Famous White Whale Thought To Be Spotted Off The Coast Of Australia

A couple of months ago an extremely rare white humpback whale was seen just off the coast of Queensland and experts that track the species in Australia are hoping it is the famous whale Migaloo. The name was give to the whale by Aboriginal elders and literally means “white fella”. Migaloo is a member of a small group of white whales that are known to traverse Australian waters.

First spotted in 1991

Migaloo was first seen in Australian waters back in 1991 says Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. Back then it was a major discovery because he was the first white humpback whale ever spotted. At the time he was believed to be between three to five years old and after recordings of him singing between 1998 and 2003 were captured, he was discovered to be male.

Has his own twitter handle

Since his first sighting, Migaloo has been seen at a number of locations throughout Australia and someone has even set up a twitter account dedicated to his migration patterns. Oskar Peterson who established the twitter account says more photos are needed to confirm whether the whale that was spotted is actually Migaloo. Mr. Peterson has his doubts due to the timing of the migration and also because the whale seen in the photos seems smaller and younger than Migaloo who’s last confirmed sightings took place last year in Sydney and Cairns.

“The photos coming in are inconclusive. He seems to be very shining white, while last year he had yellow colouring markings on him. He got ran into by a trimaran so he has some scars on the left side, and he also has an unusual hook on his back. In the photos and the YouTube footage on the beach the hook isn’t as prominent as Migaloo’s is.”  Peterson said.

Mr. Peterson reckons the whale seen in the video could be Migaloo Junior instead, a white calf that was first seen in 2011.

“This could well be Migaloo, but at this moment in time I am leaning towards that it is not. Due to his size and lack of photos at the moment, but also the timing of the year. It is very unusual. What might be the case is that he has fallen smitten for some beautiful humpback female and he has been singing her love songs and taking his time.” Peterson added.

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