Festive Christmas Cards at Oxfam Australia

Yes, the time is here once again to start plotting and planning this year’s Christmas surprises. As parents across the country stock up on unwanted underwear and bath salts, why not try something different this year and choose from a wide selection of greetings cards from the Oxfam Australia Fair Trade shop?

These fabulous festive greeting cards are not only a nice way to show someone you care, but also a great way to help raise funds for Oxfam Australia‘s tireless work in helping the people who really need it the most.

There is a wide selection to choose from including –

  • Australian Christmas
  • Aboriginal Card Set
  • Little Kings
  • Dove of Peace

You can even completely create your own card for a loved one. Simply select your card, add a greeting and logo, select a quantity and order. It really is that simple to personalise your own greeting this Christmas and stand out from the crowd. All profits help support Oxfam’s work around the world, with all designs exclusive to the Oxfam Shop and all of the artists receiving royalties for their work.

So why not tailor your festive cards this Christmas and send a unique greeting to friends, family or work collegues. It will say a lot more than socks that’s for sure!


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