Free Fair Trade Cookbook With Oxfam Australia – Offer Ends 30th September

Oxfam Australia is offering a fantastic Free Trade cookbook, worth $17.95, absolutely free to all customers who purchase 5 items from their ‘Taste the World’ range before Wednesday 30th September 2009. There is wide variety of delicious products to choose from, including coffees, chocolates, spices and dressing – and if the sound of Ruby Grapefruit Marmalade doesn’t get you drooling I don’t know what will!

Fair Trade is a global movement to stop unfair trade practices and empower disadvantaged workers by paying them stable prices for their products. Oxfam is registered as a Fair Trade Organisation by the International Fair Trade Association and has over 100,000 produce partners around the world, with a commitment to –

  • Transparency in business practices
  • Ethical workplaces
  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Concern for people and the environment
  • Education about and advocacy of fair trade.

All products carrying the Fairtrade logo have been produced and traded in accordance with international fair trade standards, helping to provide better conditions and pay for marginalised workers. Thanks to the backing of consumers across the globe, Fair trade goods are now a staple in shops across the globe, helping people to help themselves.

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