Greener Technology For A Brighter Future

Electronics companies are starting to develop more energy efficient products, with high costs now on the agenda for not only business managers but also consumers. With the world’s focus now on saving and recycling, electronics firms are now promoting eco efficient products and unfurling the ‘green’ banner more than ever before.

Dell Australia’s latest desktop, the Studio Hybrid, uses up to 70% less power than most typical desktops, whilst you can also purchase it with a rather fetching bamboo cover. Whilst there is no standard way of measuring companies recycling programs, Dell has proposed a seven year product lifetime. This will allow companies to measure the percentage of the total weight recycled each year compared against the total weight of what you sold seven years earlier.

Apple Mac Australia has promised to remove any toxic chemicals from their hardware, while also replacing screens lit by conventional fluorescent lamps with LED displays. Green insiders expect these screens to account for up to half of all notebook panels in 2010, with all laptop displays being LED by 2015.

Analyst Jeff Kim said-

‘LED saves up to 40 per cent of the power used in traditional backlights. Next year they will be commonly found in as notebook screens, and will be increasingly used in TV panels from 2010.’

Apple currently operate recycling programs in more than three quarters of the countries where Macs and iPods are sold, and by 2010 Apple plan to be recycling 19million pounds of wastage per year — nearly 30% of the product weight they sold seven years earlier.

Previous energy-efficient products used to come with a heavy price tag. Now green consumers will pay a little extra for electronics that use less energy, it seems that makers are also doing their bit to help the environment via long term solutions.

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