Greenpeace Applauds APP’s Efforts At Rainforest Conservation In Indonesia

In 2013, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) launched its zero deforestation pledge that left many conservationists including Greenpeace skeptical. However Greenpeace has monitored the company and released a progress report in October of that same year which suggested there was reason to be optimistic. Since then organisations view on APP has not changed and Greenpeace says the company continues to make genuine progress towards meeting its policy commitments.

Independent auditors appointed

In order to counteract some of the concerns expressed by stakeholders, APP appointed independent auditors Rainforest Alliance to spend a number of months in its locations just to see how it was really performing when it comes to its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). Recently the auditors released their findings in Jakarta and reported varying degrees of progress. What was most impressive was that APP has fully complied with its undertaking to stop suppliers clearing rainforest. The Rainforest Alliance also says that APP is now only utilising plantation fibre at its Indonesian pulp mills.

Additional improvements to be made

Greenpeace says it welcomes the announcement by APP to make additional improvements towards the implementation of its Forest Conservation Policy. Greenpeace says it would like to see APP take immediate steps in order to address forest degradation and conversion by third parties who may act as suppliers for the company. What this means in practice is a fundamental change in how the company deals with local communities which are needed to help the company with forest conservation. Greenpeace is also calling on APP to address the many complaints within its concessions and improve the way it implements its policy to safeguard local communities rights.

More company’s should behave responsibly

APP should be lauded for its genuine attempt at improving its environmental footprint. The company has launched an ambitious work programme to address the peat component of its PCP. The programme will involve remapping over 4 million hectares of peat-land in and around the company’s supplier concessions. APP will make use of sophisticated laser remote sensing technology in order to achieve the goal. The company will then take the data and analyse it so that it can offer enhanced recommendations by experts. If more company’s showed as much genuineness as APP when it comes to the environment, the world would be in a lot better shape.

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