Greenpeace Calls On Australia To Minimise Plastic Waste

Europe has managed to nail the concept of minimising wastage that comes from plastic bags. On the continent, fruit is always packaged in paper bags and in most cases the retailer will not provide shoppers with bags once they complete their purchase companies. Global companies such as Apple go even further and deliberately eschew paper by using emails to send receipts following a purchase. This is a great way to minimise the use of paper and keep everything electronically filed for reference in the future. It is also convenient because it saves the consumer from searching for a paper receipt when their computer battery fails unexpectedly.

Plastic bags are incredibly wasteful

The plastic bags that Australian shoppers receive from supermarkets in most cases are not biodegradable which means they are bad for the environment. The single use bags that Australians use to transfer their groceries from the shop to the car cause the most problems because they are used only once and then thrown away. Whilst the life span of these single use bags is very short, their environmental consequences are enormous. To begin with, it takes a lot of energy to produce them and because they are so lightweight, they tend to float away when left outside. What that means is they end up in the ocean causing damage to marine life.

People should use canvas bags

South Australia was the first state to crack down to plastic bag pollution. The state banned their use in 2009 and the rest of the country needs to follow its lead because many Australians rely on these bags without thinking. Supermarkets could start charging for bags which would make people think twice about not carrying their own bag with them when visiting the store. Charging people for bags means if necessary, a bag is still available, however their use would be reduced significantly. Canvas bags are perfectly acceptable and environmentally friendly. They also have the additional benefits of being bigger, stronger, easy to store and reusable. If Australia is able to minimise plastic waste that originates from supermarkets, a whole lot of time, money and energy will be saved.

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