Greenpeace Thrilled That Ocean Use Will Finally Be Regulated

If you are a lover of the ocean, then it’s time to celebrate! After decades of politicians dragging their feet in the mud, and four very intense days of negotiations at the UN, a breakthrough was achieved in the early hours of 24th January. The agreement between governments around the world resulted in the development of a legally binding treaty that would protect marine species beyond national territorial waters.

Ocean sanctuaries will be created

This is a historic decision which paves the way for the process of setting rules that protect the high seas and create oceanic sanctuaries – i.e. the vast part of the ocean which belongs to all of us. The agreement essentially makes it mandatory to perform an environmental impact assessment before they allow human activities to occur in the vast ocean commons.

A remarkable achievement

Make no mistake; this is a remarkable milestone that could not have happened without passionate commitment towards protection of the high seas that came from all around the world. During the week of the 24th alone #OceanLovers firmly placed the spotlight on the UN meeting, generating as many as 6000 tweets and thousands of more posts on Facebook which showed delegates to the conference exactly what was expected of them.

Formal recognition of ocean governance

The United Nations has extended formal recognition that ocean governance is about protection rather than simply a concept about ‘managing exploitation’ of the oceans’ resources. There is now a remarkable opportunity to develop global standards for protecting the ocean and integrating the rules with the patchwork of ocean organisations which would improve cooperation between agencies that regulate pollution, shipping, mining and fishing.

A big task

This is of course an extremely large task. Establishing the rules that will ultimately govern the protection of earth’s largest biosphere will neither be quick nor easy and it will take an extraordinary amount of time before the rules are implemented out at sea. However Greenpeace is thrilled that the changes it and the rest of the world wanted begin here and now.

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