Greenpeace Urges Australian Government To Enact Seafood Labelling Legislation

Marine life is one of the last sources of food that humans actually hunt from the wild. Most of what we eat is the product of farming and we have had many millennia to learn how to domesticate animals for the production of food. However fish that are actually caught in the ocean represents the final frontier says Greeenpeace.

There is a belief that the oceans have infinite ability to meet the rising demand for seafood which could be very dangerous for us. The only way fish can be an infinite resource is if it is managed well and fish are harvested without causing damage to the environment which looks after them.

What’s the problem with our seafood habits?

Whilst the ocean can seem limitless in what it offers by providing humans with thousands of different seafood species, very often it is simply labelled as fish when sold in restaurants or the supermarket. All fish are certainly not equal when it comes to the sustainability of our seafood. Different farming and fishing techniques impact the marine environment differently. Some methods can end up causing damage to sensitive marine habitats or accidentally cause the death of marine wildlife that is vulnerable. Other techniques may end up taking the correct amount of fish without leaving a large footprint.

No system in Australia which allows people to make informed choices

If you love seafood but want to tread carefully, you can use the Australian Sustainable Seafood Guide which is published by the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) to help you figure out what to buy. In Australia there has not been the establishment of a system which ensures what people are eating is labelled so they know exactly what it is, where it is from and how it was caught. People prefer making informed buying choices, however when it comes to seafood in Australia, they tend not to have the information they need. When people want to ensure their money is being spent sustainably, more often than not, they cannot. This is incredibly confusing for consumers and needs to be sorted out.

What can we do?

If we want to make sure that future generations will have the ability to sample a fantastic range of seafood that is supported by healthy oceans then as consumers we need to make sure our voices are heard. How do we do this? We spend our money on seafood that is sustainably produced and in order to do that, we need the Government of Australia to enact legislation that regulates seafood labelling to make healthy choices. We only have one opportunity to make sure that our oceans are protected so they can continue to provide for us. The corner stone of a sustainable strategy is going to be clear and informative labelling because without it, we are all simply fighting in the dark.

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