Help CARE In Its Response To The Nepal Earthquake

In its response to the earthquake that devastated Nepal, the aid agency CARE has distributed hygiene kits and emergency shelter to over 2,500 people who have been affected. The worst affected region was Gorkha which is a rural area near the epicentre of the quake where roughly 80 per cent of homes were either destroyed or damaged. CARE was able to distribute as many as 250 kits in Gorkha immediately following the quake.

Millions have been affected

The official death toll from the quake has exceeded 8,000 with a further 8,000 thought to have been injured. It is estimated that over eight million people have been impacted by the worst earthquake to hit the country in nearly a century. As rescue teams arrive at the more remote parts of the country, the numbers are expected to rise. As a result CARE has launched a Nepal Earthquake Appeal to help those that have been affected by the natural disaster.

“It is critically urgent that we reach these remote areas outside Kathmandu where we’ve heard reports of extensive damage, but access is a huge challenge in getting to these mountainous regions. Some villages have been completely flattened by the quake, and people are now in desperate need of basic survival items. People have either lost their homes or are still sleeping outside in makeshift camps, in fear of more aftershocks. It is cold and rainy in these areas; so setting up basic temporary shelter is a vital need, especially for women, children and the elderly.” said Lex Kassenberg, CARE’s Country Director in Nepal.

Distributing emergency kits

CARE is distributing emergency kits that include mattresses, blankets and tarpaulins for shelter. The aid agency is also handing out hygiene kits that include toothbrushes, towels, soap, napkins, sanitary napkins and nappies. CARE is attempting to reach as many as 100,000 people with food, clean water and emergency shelter and is focusing on those that are most vulnerable such as women and children who live in the more remote areas outside of Kathmandu.

Donate now

If you want to donate towards CARE’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal visit It doesn’t cost a lot to help, with $95 providing enough food for 15 days. A donation of $144 will provide safe drinking water for as many as 12 families and $280 is enough to deliver emergency shelter for a family.

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