Help Oxfam Raise Money This August With Oxjam

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If you haven’t heard by now, Oxfam runs a month long festival event called Oxjam. The festival first began life in the UK ten years ago but has been eagerly adopted by Australia. Jess Wheelock who is Oxfam Australia’s youth engagement coordinator says Oxjam is essentially a DIY music festival. For a whole month, people host their own gigs regardless of whether they are big or small and in the process raise money for Oxfam and the important work it does all over the world.

Raise money big or small

The basic premise is that people get to become their own event manager for a night or day by booking a band or DJ to play at either their house or a local venue that is friendly to the cause. They then invite all their friends and other people that are interested to attend and in the process raise money for Oxfam to fight against poverty wherever it is in the world.

Second year in Australia

This is Oxjam’s second year in Australia and was only started last year, raising $60,000 across 170 home spun gigs. That was not a bad effort considering 2015 was the first time the month long music festival was held in the country. Wheelock says that the festival included everything from parties in backyards, to DJ sets held in living rooms to people holding shows at their favourite local venue.

Easy to participate

If you wish to participate this year, the process is easy. Oxjam will connect you with an act or give you the contact details of Parlour Gigs which helps people to book bands that will play in your backyard. Oxjam will also give you a comprehensive help pack that will enable you to deal with the practicalities of hosting an event such as tips for a successful gig, PR and ticketing. Wheelock says the highlight of the festival is it gives ordinary people the chance to make a real difference.

“There are so many people who care about changing the world, but it’s kind of hard to find a way to fit that into your everyday life,” Wheelock says. “We can’t always travel overseas or work for an organisation like Oxfam, but it’s great to have something like Oxjam, where everyday people can put on a gig and have people around for a house party and raise money to change the world.”

If you haven’t already signed up to participate in this year’s festival, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Oxjam site to register a gig.

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