Help the Emergency in Pakistan with WWF Australia

WWF Australia staff are currently working on the front line of the emergency relief effort in Pakistan to give aid to the millions of people who have been displaced by recent flooding. The 350 strong WWF staff members usually work within communities on conservation programs, but right now are hard at work providing food, clean water and medicine to those affected by this devastating natural disaster.

Already WWF staff members have helped to set up five medical camps and have already administered 35,000 doses of anti-malarial and anti-histamine drugs. More than 160,000 square kilometres of land has been destroyed, including precious forests and wetlands. With over 3.2 million hectares of crops now unusable, the people of Pakistan are desperately short of food, not to mention clean drinking water and shelter.

WWF Australia has been working in Pakistan for over 40 years on conservation and environmental programs to assist threatened species and supporting sustainable livelihoods. Now they are working to help the suffering of the 20 million people who have been affected by the flooding…

that’s just short of the entire population of Australia.

WWF’s emergency relief work is just the first step of a three stage flood response, as when the water subsides, staff members will be on hand to help rebuild and renew conservation programs and lives. Please help the people of Pakistan by purchasing a charity gift and help the WWF team to provide medicine, clean drinking water and shelter for those effected.

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