Help WaterAid Australia Transform lives in East Timor this Christmas

WaterAid Australia is calling for your help to transform the lives of the people of East Timor this Christmas. Only 69% of the one million population have access to safe drinking water, with the others having to travel miles by foot just to receive a safe drink. The most at risk are young children, who could die from preventable diseases such as diarrhoea due to a lack of simple medicines.

East Timor, sounds like a world away, and it is in terms of facilities, yet it is less than 1,000 kilometres from Australia. WaterAid helps communities to have access to clean safe water and adequate sanitation, whilst educating the locals on the importance of hygiene.  For example, in the three years since WaterAid began working in the village of Saerana, they have helped the local community to plan, design and build a water and sanitation system. Thanks to this amazing work on the frontline, village life there has been totally transformed.

WaterAid staff member, Freya Paterson, said –

The tap stand is the most modern thing in the village. Everything else is made from local materials, like trees, bamboo and palm leaves. The people of Saerana take enormous pride in the fact that they’ve constructed this tap and that safe water flows freely, without the burden of walking for hours back and forth to the nearest water source. It’s hard to have a real impact in these areas if you don’t first provide people with a solution that incorporates safe water and effective sanitation – that’s why WaterAid’s work is so important.

WaterAid needs more donations to continue transforming lives in East Timor, like –

  • $50 could pay for two tool and spares kits for village water committees to maintain their water supplies.
  • $125 could pay for enough cement to produce 20 latrine cover slabs.
  • $250 could pay for the construction of a tapstand providing water for five families.

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