Help WWF Australia Save The Great Barrier Reef

WWF Australia is creating a petition to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to bring to his attention the serious risk that pesticides pose to the Great Barrier Reef. Designed to kill weeds, pesticides are being washed away into rivers and estuaries and slowly finding their way to coral reefs, where they continue to kill marine plants and attack the food source for animals that depend on them.

Due to pesticide pollution, the Coral Reef of Australia is struggling to absorb shocks and recover from stress. Pesticides cannot be seen in the water and are an invisible killer, causing harm not just to the reef itself, but also to the precious marine life that call it home. Thousands of species of fish, turtles and dolphins are at risk from these harmful chemicals that are making there way into the sea, and now is the time for everyone to make a stand against pesticide pollution.

By signing the petition below, you will be asking Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to strengthen the current review of Australia’s pesticides watchdog. If we join together now, we can make a call to action to help remove the stress on the Great Barrier Reef, and make a better future for some of the countries most spectacular nature sites and their inhabitants.

> > Click here to sign WWF petition for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

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