Man Treks Thousands Of Kilometres Across The Desert To Raise Money For Caritas Australia

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How many people who walk thousands of kilometres across the African desert by themselves with nothing more than an iPod and football for company? Very few of us would every think about attempting such a feat. However, that is exactly what Matt Napier an adventurer from Canberra did to raise money for Caritas Australia.

Helping people who live in poverty

Mr Napier trekked thousands of kilometres to raise money to help people who are living in poverty. He walked for 1,900 kilometres across the Namib Desert and started the trek in Southern Namibia and finished his journey in Angola. Mr Napier said he had to deal with 250 metre sand dunes along the way as well as handle wildlife threats from animals such as lions. Isolation was another difficult Mr Napier had to deal with. Fortunately for him, his wife Wendy played a supporting role. Mrs Napier drove a backup vehicle, prepared meals and treated her husband’s blisters when they appeared.

More than $20,000 donated

Mr Napier is donating more than $20,000 raised by the walk to help support Caritas Australia’s Integrated Community Development program in Zimbabwe.  The program which lasts for three years will provide assistance to some of the most vulnerable people in Zimbabwe by giving them access to clean water and sanitation as well as engender food security.

Giving back feels good

Mr Napier said that giving back makes him and his wife feel much better on the inside as individuals. He adds that he believes as individuals where we are born should not matter and everyone should be given all the basics in life. This means they should have access to food, water, shelter, healthcare and education. Mr Napier concludes by saying the trek was an opportunity for him to make a difference.

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