Médecins Sans Frontières Concerned By Absence of Medical Treatment In South Sudan

Médecins Sans Frontières says the increasing fighting throughout South Sudan is producing serious consequences for the people of the country. Many international organisations are leaving the country whilst the medical needs of the population are rising. After weeks of fighting the turmoil is causing problems in providing a sufficient aid response.

Raphael Gorgeu who is head of the South Sudan mission of Médecins Sans Frontières says many already highly vulnerable people have become even more vulnerable. The agency does not know what will happen to the thousands that have been displaced or wounded across the country.

Even before the fighting roughly 80 per cent of South Sudan’s healthcare needs were provided by nongovernmental organisation. Mr. Gorgeou added the risk of epidemics was high and this means conditions could rapidly deteriorate if the fighting prevents the organisation for getting quick and safe access to people who need assistance.

Médecins Sans Frontières is particularly concerned by security conditions for aid agencies which is rapidly deteriorating across South Sudan. Despite a worsening of conditions the organisation says it is committed to offering the required assistance and is calling on all participants in the conflict to allow people to have access to medical care regardless of their origin or ethnicity.

Emergency teams from the aid agency have fanned out across the country and are offering medical care to over 11,000 people that have been displaced by the conflict. Over the last three weeks Médecins Sans Frontières has given 26,320 consultations, treated 426 people with gunshot wounds, admitted 1,014 patients and performed 126 surgeries. Teams from the organisation have delivered over 40 tons of logistical and medical supplies in the region.

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