Médecins Sans Frontières Delivers Aid In Violence Affected Ukraine

In response to heavy clashes in the eastern part of Ukraine, Médecins Sans Frontières is providing medical supplies such as bandages, dressings, stretchers, syringes and antibiotics to three separate public hospitals in Donetsk and another one in Luhansk.

“A number of hospitals in Donetsk have faced a shortage of supplies after treating influxes of wounded people. These urgently needed supplies will help replenish the hospitals’ stocks so that doctors can continue providing medical care to those people who need it.” said Stéphane Prévost, Head of Mission for Médecins Sans Frontières in Ukraine.

As part of MSF’s contingency plan, the aid organisation has pre positioned emergency medical kits in both Luhansk and Donetsk so they can contribute should the violence in the cities escalate.

Ms. Prévost added that MSF is carefully monitoring the potential medical requirements in the eastern part of Ukraine and is both ready and able to provide additional assistance. The agency is in contact regularly with staff at the region’s main hospitals on the off chance they may require extra support.

Over the next few days, MSF says it will bolster its emergency team and will take stock of the requirements in health structures in the areas affected by the violence. The organization will deploy a specialised team that is led by a psychologist who will consider the mental health of people in regions that have been affected or displaced by the violence over the last few months.

MSF has been running a mental health program since March which offers counseling since the violence erupted. From between March and May the agency has deployed 450 mental health professionals who have been delivering psychological care.

MSF has been present in Donetsk since 2011 and has been administering a program that seeks to treat patients who have been affected by drug resistant tuberculosis.

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