Médecins Sans Frontières Says Refugees In Chad Need Immediate Food Aid

The refugees made their way to Sido by convoy and many have little sanitation and are experiencing appalling living conditions. So far the refugees have received just one distribution of food from the World Food Programme (WFP) which occurred over five weeks ago,

Since then over 8,000 additional refugees have arrived and received nothing to eat beyond a few protein biscuits that a few of them received according to Augustin Ngoyi, Médecins Sans Frontières program coordinator in Sido.

Many refugees are being housed in makeshift shelters in Sido with the latest arrivals living under the trees with only their clothes for protection. There are just four water points and 20 latrines that need to serve 13,200 refugees.  Malaria is a high incidence disease amongst the populations that is being treated at the Médecins Sans Frontières health centre. The organisation says it has also treated 56 children who were suffering from acute severe malnutrition.

Local authorities need resources and support and are struggling to deal with the crisis. MSF is the only aid agency working in Sido.

Mr. Nyogi says the refugees are in desperate need of emergency food aid as well as latrines, food shelters and mosquito nets. MSF is calling on both the government of Chad and U.N. agencies to act immediately.

In December last year the government of Chad embarked on a mass evacuation of people from the Central African Republic. According to Ms. Chateau, the evacuation helped to save many lives and people who managed to escape need immediate assistance.

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