Médecins Sans Frontières’ Says Violence In Darfur Kills Pregnant Women And Mothers

Médecins Sans Frontières says that violence in Darfur which occurred last month resulted in the killing and wounding of both pregnant women and mothers.

The intertribal violence took place in Sudan’s Central Darfur state in the Um Dukhun area. Approximately 100 people were either killed, injured or displaced into neighbouring Chad

In the days following the violence Médecins Sans Frontières’ treated 15 people with gunshot wounds. Nine people suffered tissue damage and fractures while six people required major surgery and had to be transferred to the MSF surgical project in Abeche. Two people died, one of which was a pregnant woman who went into labour after being shot and ultimately gave birth to a pair of stillborn twins before dying herself as a result of complications.

The transfer of the remaining patients to the surgical centre has been delayed by rain and there is a lack of blood donors which has further complicated the treatment of the wounded.

“The population is perpetually trapped in ongoing violence and displacement,” says Médecins Sans Frontières’ Dr Katrin Draber in Tissi. “I’m appalled to see that this indiscriminate violence even killed a woman who was pregnant with twins, and another who was shot in the chest while holding her baby.”

Every time there is an outbreak of violence in the Darfur region people tend to flee into Chad as they seek out safety. This continuous displacement amplifies pre existing health problems and this means the need for sanitation, clean water, shelter and access to healthcare becomes much more important.

The rainy season which also recently started means poor living conditions are going to get significantly worse.

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