Medicins San Frontieres Frontline Podcasts

Medicins San Frontières Australia has a new interesting way for followers to find out how their life saving work is going across the globe through their series of podcasts available online. This innovative medium is a great way for people to hear first hand accounts of what is actually taking place on the frontline of some of the world’s disaster zones.

Medicin San Frontières is currently working on the ground in Chad, where a long drought followed by heavy rain has destroyed crops and cut off villages. Medical teams in the affected areas are expecting a huge increase in patients as roads become usable, with diseases such malnutrition, malaria and diarrhoea rife.

Médecins Sans Frontières medical coordinator in Chad, Oscar Niragira, said –

We did an assessment in a flooded village called Kishena, about ten kilometres from Kerfi. There we found that people struggling to find food had started to eat wild kinds of cereal found in the bush which they wouldn’t eat normally. We also found that many of the wells had been flooded or destroyed during the rains and people had to drink from dirty water sources. They were using unboiled water from the wadis for everything: drinking, cooking and washing.

an 27,000 malnourished children with many more expected in the coming weeks.

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