New Ben Lee Video with WWF Australia

Ben Lee’s latest music video has been created with WWF Australia to help raise awareness on the terrible impact us humans are having on the planet. The video was created by WWF’s ad agency Leo Burnett and was released to commemorate International Earth Day. The message is simple, that we need to live a healthier, more sustainable way of life to help preserve the planets future.

The single, Song For the Divine Mother of the Universe, allowed Ben the unique opportunity to help promote an issue close to his heart whilst also supporting WWF. The video itself is an attempt to make those watching consider what their day to day actions are having on our planet, and what the repercussions may be. Ben said –

The message is ultimately one of hope, promoting the fact we actually have a chance to make a difference, but must act today and live for one planet.

WWF figures show the human race is currently using almost 30% more of the worlds natural resources than the world can regenerate. The human race needs to realise the dire consequences our actions are having, and if a video like Ben’s manages to turn even a single head, then the combined work will have been successful.

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