New Spring Wine Collection From Oxfam Fair Trade Shop

Oxfam Australia has a great new Spring Wine Collection available online today. All of Oxfam’s Fair Trade wine is sourced from small Australian wineries, many of them owned by families. These smaller wine merchants would struggle to compete against the bigger retailers, but thanks to Oxfam’s support, they now have a foothold in a very competitive market thanks to their availability via the Fair Trade shop.

Some of these wines may only be available in really good wine shops, whilst the majority can only be purchased at the cellar door. Thanks to the Fair Trade shop, these exclusive wines are now available to purchase online, helping to widen the wineries’ advertising and marketing. Plus each bottle will bear the exclusive label of the winery of origin, making then truely unique.

Thanks to the support of the general public, the Oxfam Fair Trade Shop continues to help employ 35 producer partners not just in Australia, but also in many developing countries around the world. So why not pick up some delicious, and exclusive wine today for yourself or as a fantastic gift for a friend, and help to fight poverty and injustice around the world.

> > Click here to shop online at the Oxfam Fair Trade Shop

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