Number Of Big Donors In Australia Doubles Since 2011

The number of people in Australia that donate over $1 million has increased to 250 from 100 over the last four years according to a list that was released by Fundraising Research & Consulting. This means the number of families and individuals that have given $1 million or more to Australian charities has more than doubled since 2011. Fundraising Research & Consulting (FR&C) first published its ‘Top 100’ four years ago and it is truly impressive that the number of names on the list has grown by so much.

10 people donated at least $100 million

The list contains 190 people who donated $1 million and a further 57 families or individuals that donated over $10 million. There were 10 people on the list that donated a whopping $100 million to charity. The big donors this year include Judith Nelson who gave a $10 million grant to fund a Chair in architecture at UNSW. She also donated $41 million to help construct a new performance space and gallery. Barry and Joy Lambert spent $33.7 million to help fund research into medical marijuana at the University of Sydney because it helped their grand-daughter’s epilepsy.

Number of Australian High Net Worth Individuals Increasing

According to FR&C many names that appear in the list will no doubt be part of the 266,000 high net worth individuals that Capgemini’s World Health Report estimates are in Australia. The number was up from 219,000 year over year. The report defines a High Net Worth Individual has having $1 million or more in investable assets not including their main residence. The report suggests for the first time that the number of High Net Worth Individuals in Asia outnumber those in the United States.

Philanthropy is important for the rich

Another important result suggested by the report was that social impact was an increasing focus of big donors. This was emphasised as one of the most important things investors wanted to hear from those that advise them and is of particular interests to the younger generation of investors.

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