Oxfam Australia Recyled Fair Trade Gift Shop

Oxfam Fair Trade Shop has a fantastic selection of recycled products available in their stores today, include a great selection of bags and wallets made from plastic off the streets of Delhi. All recycled products go a long way to helping the environment, but each fair trade recycled purchase goes towards aiding the lives and wellbeing of Oxfam Australia’s producer partners. The video below shows how the plastic is collected and produced into interesting gifts –

Recycled shopping bag
This bag is made from plastic bags from the Delhi’s streets, helping the environment and increasing the creator’s income.

Recycled Purse
This purse wallet was also created using plastic bags from Delhi and contains spaces for bank notes, credit cards and also contains an internal zip for security.

Recycled  PC Bag
This great laptop bag may be delivered in a different selection of colour combinations due to the colour of the Delhi plastic used in its manufacture.

Oxfam’s Fair Trade Shop deals with more than 100,000 producer partners around the world, including indigenous Australians. Calling for an end to unfair trade practices and the empowerment of disadvantaged men and women across the globe, Oxfam Fair Trade offers stable prices for their work and access to world markets.

"Please note, any prices mentioned in the Charity Gifts blog are correct at the time of posting. Please check the relevant website for the latest pricing information."

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