Oxfam Australia Says The Country Needs To Do More To Fight Climate Change

Oxfam Australia Says The Country Needs To Do More To Fight Climate Change

According to a new report from Oxfam Australia, the country is not doing enough to provide assistance to its neighbours in the Pacific Islands in their battle against climate change. The aid agency is urging the Australian government to commit to a A$3.2 billion target which should consist of both private and public funding. The money should be used to help finance poorer countries in the Pacific to mitigate the worst of global warming by 2020.

Current funding needs to be increased

At present the Australian Government allocates a paltry $200 million per year to finance the fight against climate change. Australia refused to increase its contributions in line with other countries at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris last year. The $200 million the country currently spends comes from Australia’s existing foreign aid budget.

Urgent action is needed

A report by Oxfam which analysed climate finance in the Pacific Islands ended up drawing the conclusion that urgent action needed to be taken through 50 recommendations such as better access to the global Green Climate Fund. Australia promised it would improve access when the country became leader of the fund in 2016 and Oxfam has accepted the government’s claim that it has delivered on that promise.

Underfunded and unmet

Despite that fact, Oxfam CEO Helen Szoke says the country’s overall contribution to Pacific Island nations continues to be underfunded and unmet. In the foreseeable future large numbers of people from the Pacific and in some cases entire countries could lose their homes and livelihoods in the face of climate change she added. She went on to say as a wealthy country and one of the biggest in the region Australia does have a responsibility to provide aid to its vulnerable Pacific neighbours.

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