Oxfam Australia Welcome New Foreign Minister

Oxfam Australia is pleased to welcome Bob Carr into his new appointment as the countries new foreign affairs minister. Oxfam charity officials are looking forward to working alongside Mr Carr on many of the key issues in his portfolio area, including –

  • Growing aid programs
  • Fighting poverty around the world
  • Achieve Millennium Development Goals
  • Gain a seat on the UN Security Council

Oxfam Australia’s executive director, Andrew Hewett, said –

Succeeding in the bid for an Australian seat at this table, the inner sanctum of the most powerful body of the UN, is important and it is pleasing to hear the new minister will not shy away from this. Mr Carr will be the effective guardian of the bipartisan agreement to increase Australia’s foreign aid to 0.5 per cent of national income. As guardian, the new minister must take on the reform of the aid program that was started by John Howard in 2004, and continued with the recent independent review of Australia’s aid program under Mr Rudd.

Mr Carr is planning to build on the achievements of the former minister Kevin Rudd, and carry on the commitment to overseeing the growth and reform of Australia’s overseas aid program. Oxfam Australia would also like to congratulate Richard Marles in his new position as parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs.

Let’s hope these guys can continue the push in helping Australia become one of the world’s leaders in forward thinking charitable aid across the globe.

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