Oxfam Concern for South Sudan Refugee Crisis

Oxfam Australia are voicing their concern for the world’s newest nation, as South Sudan continues to struggle with it’s major refugee crisis. It’s now six months since their independence, yet tens of thousands of people have had to flee the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan regions due to violence, with another 60,000 people now affected through more fighting in the South Sudan state of Jonglei.

With more than 55,000 refugees arriving in South Sudan in recent months, more people are expected to arrive requiring food and shelter, which are already in short supply. Oxfam charity officials are working hard on the front line to offer clean water, sanitation and food, but with the conflict worsening, a major crisis is on the cards.

Oxfam’s Regional Director, Fran Equiza, said –

It is six months since South Sudan’s independence and there is much we should be celebrating. But the growing crisis along the border threatens to derail any progress. South Sudan is one of the poorest and least developed nations in the world, and the influx of refugees is placing enormous strain on already scarce resources.

Due to the troubles, local agriculture has been restricted, with limited aid and market supplies so low that famine levels could soon be reached. Oxfam Australia is calling for all parties to immediately cease hostilities and to allow aid to reach the people most in need before it’s too late. With more refugees expected to enter South Sudan, this could become a full blown humanitarian crisis, sooner rather than later.

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