Oxfam Looks To The Year Ahead


As we enter the New Year and reflect back on 2015 and see what Oxfam has accomplished, it is astonishing how much change is possible over a single year. A year ago, the world was still reeling from the impact of the Ebola virus, there were plenty of natural disasters and Australia decided to slash its foreign aid budget. Fortunately as a result of the efforts of hundreds and thousands of Australians so much has improved.

Helping Vanuatu

Australians extended their support to the people of Vanuatu who were slammed by Tropical Cyclone Pam. The island nation suffered extensive damage and thousands of people saw their lives thrown into chaos. Fortunately Oxfam was there to help with reconstruction and restart the flow of drinking water helping communities to recover and build back stronger.

Earthquake in Nepal

When an earthquake struck Nepal, Australians were quick to react with both compassion and generosity. Thousands of people all over the country donated to the Oxfam appeal which was the largest appeal sent out since the Tsunami that hit on Boxing Day in 2004. Nearly 250,000 people in Nepal have received aid since the earthquake hit thanks in large part to Oxfam supporters in Australia.

Speaking out at global summits

In just one year Oxfam has made its voice heard at two high profile meetings of the international community. Oxfam spoke at both the G20 summit in Brisbane and the year ending climate negotiations in Paris. During the G20 summit hosted by Australia, Oxfam used the opportunity to make sure that the voices of those most disenfranchised were heard by the most powerful decision makers in the world. Oxfam ensured that inequality and the global response to the Ebola crisis were front and centre.

Crisis in Syria

Whilst so much has been done in the short span of just 12 months there are plenty of challenges still to tackle. The civil war in Syria continues to rage with men women and children all caught up in conflict that has baffled the international community. On the domestic front Oxfam, along with many ordinary Australians have been appalled by the government’s decision to savagely cut the country’s foreign aid budget.

Optimism for the new year

As Oxfam looks to the new year ahead it is keen to see what 2016 has to offer. With so much passion and commitment from Oxfam supporters it is hard not be optimistic that much more can be built and achieved over the next 12 months.

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