Oxfam Says Australia Needs To Recommit To Millennium Development Goals

In response to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals progress report Oxfam says the battle against poverty can never be won unless rich countries such as Australia rediscover their bold leadership which led to and delivered the goals in the first place. Jo Pride of Oxfam Australia says the report by the UN reflected the importance of establishing global goals and inspiring global action.

Much has been achieved

Ms. Pride says the results of the Millennium Development Goals speak for themselves and show what can be achieved when political leaders come together to deal with pressing global issues. Millions of children have survived and made it into schools, which is extremely impressive. Despite this fact, not all the goals have been met with some countries and regions being left behind.

Rich countries not held accountable

Ms. Pride adds that the MDG’s were achieved largely as a result of an increase in the quantity and quality of aid that flowed during the early years. Since then however unfortunately progress has stalled in response to the financial crisis. Because rich countries have not been held accountable, they have been allowed to turn their back on the poorest people in the world. Whilst plenty has been achieved over the last 15 years, the report suggests that there is much work to be done which has not been helped by countries such as Australia not keeping their end of the deal.

The latest Sustainable Development Goals seek to eradicate poverty as well as help protect the planet and are expected to be agreed in September in New York. Most importantly they aim to deal with rising inequality so that no-one is left behind.

Inequality needs to be dealt with

Ms. Pride goes on to say that we cannot lock in the MDG gains or deliver on a new set of Sustainable Development Goals unless we deal with extreme concentrations of resources, power and wealth in our world. This will require an enormous amount of political courage. The all important first step is establishing a fair effective financial framework. Governments need the courage to reform the global tax system and deal with corporations that are dodging tax and who are cheating developing countries out of billions of dollars every year. Cash which could be spent on dealing with inequality and poverty.

“Governments including Australia’s must now commit to the Sustainable Development Goals to deal with the unfinished business set out in this report.” Ms. Pride said

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