Oxfam Says Climate Change A Big Threat To The Fight Against Hunger

Oxfam is warning that Climate Change could have devastating results in the fight against hunger and put it back by decades because the current global food system is simply unprepared to cope with the challenge.

Kelly Dent, a food policy specialist with Oxfam Australia says that across 10 key areas which include, finance, international adaptation, crop insurance, agricultural investment, humanitarian aid and food stocks, there are serious gaps between what is being done by governments and what is actually necessary to protect the global food system.

Ms. Dent says that according to the results both rich and poor countries are simply not prepared to meet the challenges climate change will impose on food security, however it is the world’s poorest and most food insecure that are the most at risk and least prepared.

Ms. Dent adds that the impact of climate change in Australia could reduce wheat, sugar, beef and dairy production by as much as 9 to 10 per cent by 2030, and by 2050 the decline could be as much as 13 to 19 per cent which would also mean a decline in exports.

Currently the world stockpile of grain reserves are at historic lows, and in the event of erratic or extreme weather wiping out harvests, food prices would sky rocket in response which would trigger as global food crisis.

Climate change poses the biggest challenge to winning the fight against hunger in poor countries.

Without immediate action to cut greenhouse gas emissions the impact of climate change is likely to become much more serious. There could be an estimated 25 million additional malnourished children under the age of five by the time we reach 2050 compared to a world where climate change wasn’t an issue.

Ms. Dent says the Australian Government has to do more and must aim for larger and deeper cuts in the country’s emissions and add additional support for climate change adaptation programs in developing nations.

 “Hunger is not inevitable.  If governments act on climate change, it will still be possible to eradicate hunger in the next decade and ensure our children and grandchildren have enough to eat in the second half of the century.” Ms Dent said

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