Oxfam Unwrapped Next Top Animal

Oxfam Australia has released the first episode of their Unwrapped Next Top Animal spoof show. This great idea is a parody of the Next Top Model Series, and features seven ‘contestants’ who hope to make it into the big time! Each week you will get the chance to vote for your favourite animal until the winner is found…

The featured contestants are –

  • Duck – Helping families in Mozambique
  • Calf – Helping families living in poverty
  • Pig – Helping families in Malawi
  • Goat – Helping rural communities
  • Chicken – Helping families in Laos
  • Donkey – Helping families in Mozambique
  • Lamb – Helping families in Mozambique

24 Legs. 7 Contestants. 1 Winner. YOU Decide!

An Oxfam Unwrapped gift helps support Oxfam Australia’s life-changing work around the world. Each virtual gift comes with an awesome card explaining how their special present is helping other less fortunate people across the globe. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving…

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