Oxfam Urges Australians To Purchase Oxfam Fair Coffee Capsules

Oxfam Australia Says The Country Needs To Do More To Fight Climate Change

In response to recent reports which suggest that Nespresso has tied up with Australia Post to allow individuals to recycle their aluminium coffee pods through the mail, Oxfam Australia General Manager Julia Summer said:

“We encourage consumers to think about the excessive cost and negative environmental impacts of buying aluminium coffee pods which cannot be recycled using a curb-side recycling program but need to be recycled via post. Why not make a smarter decision at the checkout and buy Oxfam fair Coffee Capsules – a range of coffee pods that not only reduce the environmental and waste impacts often associated with capsules, but also are Fairtrade certified and organic.”

Made using biodegradable plastics

Whilst most coffee brands tend to use capsules made of full aluminium, Oxfam treads a different path and manufactures a high quality range that is made using biodegradable plastic. This means even if the pods are not recycled, they will still break down in the landfill naturally. Oxfam’s Fair Coffee Capsules offer the Australian consumer an environmentally friendly, ethically sourced convenient and affordable option. Oxfam capsules are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines and are roasted in Victoria.

They aren’t expensive

You can buy a 10 pack of capsules for just $6.95 or if you order in bulk of 60 capsules, the package will cost $40 which amounts to just 66 cents for a tasty cup of organic coffee.  Ms. Summer adds that by drinking Oxfam Fair Coffee Capsules, Australians get to participate in a campaign which will effect change globally. Oxfam’s Fairtrade certified organic coffee has been sourced from Mexican, PNG and Peruvian cooperatives.

Help build a better future

By purchasing the product, you will be supporting Oxfam’s attempt at building a future that is free from poverty and in the process ensure that farmers all over the world are working under conditions that are fair and funds raised will be used for community development projects. You can purchase Oxfam Fair Coffee Capsules online as well as Oxfam Shops across Australia.

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