Oxfam Walks Out Of Warsaw Climate Change Talks

Oxfam Australia says only pressure from the public has the ability to rescue a global deal for the climate that is necessary in order to limit the rise in temperatures that would mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Oxfam made the comments as negotiations in Warsaw for a climate deal draw to a close.

Simon Bradshaw an expert on climate change policy with Oxfam Australia said only a few countries one of which is Australia would be able to leave the talks with their heads held high.

Dr. Bradshaw says The United States, European Union and Australia all refused to disclose on how they intended to deliver on a commitment to scale up finance which is needed by poor countries to help reduce emissions and adapt to the increasingly significant effects of climate change.

A group of developed countries plus Indian China and Brazil have presented a blue print for a new deal which would allow member states to select their own weak emissions reduction goals.

Japan and Canada have back tracked on their own promised emission reductions.

There is No Winner

Dr. Bradshaw said there will be no winner in the current race to the bottom, and it will be the poorest and most vulnerable people who will be worst affected and ironically who are the least responsible for causing climate change.

  • Oxfam joined a number of other Non Governmental Organisations in walking out of the negotiations saying enough was enough.
  • The charity said many countries have begun flouting the negotiations and those that have the power to break the impasse are behaving recklessly.
  • Dr. Bradshaw went on to add the time has come to press the reset button.

The world needs to make important decisions for its future. A global deal on the climate is still the best hope for avoiding a catastrophe and everyone needs to be engaged in order to make it happen.

The Warsaw negotiations were supposed to help the world progress along a path towards a new deal on the climate that would be finished in 2015 and be effective in 2020. The new deal is meant as a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol which is nearing the end of its life.

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