Project Compassion Raises $11 Million For Caritas Australia This Year

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Caritas Australia was able to marshal thousands of supporters ranging from generous individuals, school children and parishes throughout Australia. All the supporters expressed their solidarity with the poor of the world by donating a whopping $11 million to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion Lenten campaign.

Annual fundraising exercise

The campaign takes place every year over the six weeks of Lent. Project Compassion aims to help put an end to poverty as well as promote justice and uphold dignity. This year’s theme was “Love your Neighbour” Over the years Project Compassion has been very successful and is now one of Australia’s largest fundraising and awareness campaigns. Paul O’Callaghan, Caritas Australia CEO said that he was overwhelmed by the extremely generous response to this year’s appeal which was delivered by supporters from every Australian state and territory.

Demonstrating faith and generosity

Mr O’Callaghan said that Project Compassion continues to demonstrate the faith and generosity of its supporters and has allowed Caritas Australia to deliver assistance to millions of people, enabling them to change their lives. The money that has been raised this year will ensure that Caritas will continue to be able to work with the most marginalised people in more than 29 countries around the world including Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific and with Australia’s First People’s.

Alleviating poverty

Throughout this year’s appeal, Project Compassion reiterated its theme of “Love your Neighbour.” In the spirit of that theme, Caritas Australia sought to emphasise the impact of working hand in hand with the most vulnerable communities in the world so that it can continue with its ambition of alleviating poverty.

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