Red Cross Concern at Pacific Blood Shortage

Australian Red Cross officials are becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of safe blood that is currently available to the public, which could in turn result in the needless deaths of both new born children and their mothers during birth.

These fears come as the Red Cross launch a project on the Solomon Islands to introduce a youth education project to increase blood donations. In some extreme cases, locals have been forced to pay for blood donations as the banks are now so lowly stocked. This could have catastrophic consequences unless a turn around in blood donation is found, and fast.

Australian Red Cross spokesperson, Neil Waters, said –

This is not sustainable and it’s also not particularly safe. We need to dispel some of the myths that exist around the Pacific about blood donation. There are many myths about blood donation making you weaker. If your blood went to a woman for instance, that might even make you weaker. And there’s also a widely held perception that blood is for family.

Mr. Water’s believes that the low rate of blood donations in Solomon Islands is due to a lack of understanding on the the whole, and that with better schooling and advertising on the subject, more donors will come forward. By offering information in schools and colleges on the benefits on giving blood, hopefully the stores on areas such as the Solomon Islands will be replenished before needless deaths begin to occur.

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