In The Run Up To Christmas Oxfam Publishes Naughty Or Nice List

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Out the way Santa, Oxfam Australia has compiled its own “Naughty or Nice “ list which will allow shoppers the ability to make more informed and ethical choices about the clothes they buy.  At the end of November Oxfam released a list which highlights clothing brands that disclose the names and locations of factories which manufacture their garments. The list also shames those companies that refuse to do so.

High profile brands not so nice

There were a number of high profile brands on the “naughty” list which include international powerhouses such as Uniqlo, Topshop and Zara. Online retailer ASOS was also on the list however Oxfam did note that the brand had taken significant steps towards transparency and has committed to publishing a full list of its top tier factories in the future.

Challenge to the Nice list

If a clothing maker wanted to make it on the “Nice” list, then it needed to publicly disclose at least 70 per cent of the names of its factories and where they were located on the parent company website. The list is not without controversy, Australian fashion label Gorman has challenged the methods used by Oxfam to compile the “Naughty” list. It says it met with Oxfam in October and sought to discuss how it could improve its transparency. Gorman says it was prepared to share its supply chain with labour rights organisations, which would mean it would not have to disclose its outsourcing arrangements to rivals.

 “Gorman team have worked closely with their manufacturers on the development of techniques, trims and treatments that are key to Gorman’s point-of-difference in the marketplace. We are currently not prepared to share this information with our competitors.” a statement from the company said.

Dialogue to continue

Gorman said it was also prepared to provide a list of suppliers to Oxfam so long as the aid agency did not share that information. It has also invited Oxfam to join the company on factory visits to India and China. Gorman’s statement went on to add that Oxfam failed to take on board any of the company’s suggestions, however it hoped to continue its dialogue with Oxfam in the future.

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