Save the Reef with Greenpeace Australia

Greenpeace Australia is asking for your help to save one of the seven natural wonders of the world – The Great Barrier Reef. Reports just released show that the reef is now under major threat due to the coal industries new plans for ‘mega mines’ at The Galilee Basin in the centre of Queensland.

This will not only spell trouble for the climate, but also the Great Barrier Reef. An enormous coal mine would create a huge amount of carbon pollution, and turn the reef into a massive industrial estate. Within 10 years, up to 10,000 ships would travel through the Great Barrier Reef, meaning more pollution, spills, groundings and collisions.

Coal is Australia’s major cause of climate change, which in turn is killing it’s most beautiful treasure.The Great Barrier Reef must be safeguarded for future generations, as the pending coal boom spells disaster for this unique and ecologically sensitive area.

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